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Friday, 13 November 2015

Dinah Jefferies - The Tea Planter's Wife

bookreview written and read live on the bookshow 12th nov 2015 by Maggie Perkovich

This is a cracking read. When Gewndolyn Hooper lands in Ceylon to join her
newly wed husband Laurence she is excited to be moving to his tea plantation
and looks forward to living with him and being part of his life. But he is always
busy with work and meetings and she feels incredibly lonely. She knew he
was married before but what is the secret of a tiny overgrown grave?
Why is he so friendly with an American widow and how can she learn to
live with the different rules governing mixing with the members of a caste
system so complicated compared to her life in England?
She has a long talk with him and finally they seem as happy as before and
her pregnancy makes life complete. But at the birth her size seems to denote
twins, and in the delivery room with her husband and the Doctor absent it
is only the devoted Ayah Naveen who is witness to the shock the birth presents.
How the story commences to a suprising and very satisfactory conclusion is
both amazing and totally incredible I thought.
Set in 1925 this story is in the best seller's list, very well written and totally absorbing.
Maggie Perkovic.

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