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Friday, 13 November 2015

Lizzie Lane - A Christmas Wish

bookreview written and read live on the bookshow 12th nov 2015 by Maggie Perkovich
Set in 1927 this is a story of a tragic little family whose Mum dies in the Workhouse and
Dad who is at sea comes home ostemsibly to set up home with them. However he takes
the eldest , Magda, to live with his sister-in -law Bridget who treats her very badly, the twins
go to his parents in Ireland which is also a hard life and the baby is adopted by a good
family who pay him fifty pounds for the privilege. Ten year old Magda is very unhappy with
her Auntie but plans to reunite the family one day by hook  or by crook. Opposite their
house is a building for "Ladies of the Night" which Magda avoids for obvious reasons
until she is befirended by and older woman who lost her baby many years ago and feels
sympathy for Magda living with a bully for an aunt, they strike up an acquaintance and it
is this woman who pays for her to have higher education so that she can fulfil her
ambition to be a doctor.
The twins try to leave Ireland when they are older but are betrayed and and
returned to the farm which they help to run with the Grandparents.
As they all grow older the one thought is to be together again which is finally
achieved, but not before a lot of trauma and heartache!!!
A page turner and thoroughly enjoyayable.
Maggie Perkovic.

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