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Friday, 13 November 2015

Henning Mankell – The Man from Bejing

review by showhost
In a quiet village in Sweden the police discover 19 bodies which have been brutally slaughtered.
Judge Birgitta Roslin, a Swedish judge in a nearby town, takes an interest in the case when she realised that her mother was adopted by one of the murdered couple.
The story steps back to the early 19thCentury and a poor Chinese family who’s 3 sons leave their poor village to find work.  They are brutally treated whilst working on the building of the railroads in Americas and only 1 survives.  He keeps a diary and this diary is read by a present day dynasty owner.  This owner is linked to a Chinese takeover of Zimbabwe which involves President Mugabe.
The murders in the village are all linked by a thin thread and the judge finds her life in danger when she goes to Bejing and starts asking questions and showing a picture from a CCTV camera.
I never did find out what the thin thread was nor the reason for the murder other than a revenge but why them?  Also, what was the red ribbon all about??  Started off with promise but became tedious.

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