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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Judy Astley -Blowing It

Review written and reviewed live on radio scilly by Brian Lowen
 A light hearted, frothy novel, more for the modern miss, struggling with family life and stroppy teenagers.

Not really a man’s book, but it made a change.  The names of the many fashion houses and must have clothes and accessories left me cold and I tended to jump some paragraphs but apart from that I enjoyed the story.

There are three children of Mac and Lottie, retired groupies from a once famous rock band.
            Sorrel is about to go off on her gap year. She sooo wants a home to come home to

            Ilex, her brother, is trying to upgrade his flat and marry his smart girlfriend, Manda. He’d like some immediate equity.

            Clover, the elder sister, has plans that involve a bijou second home in France. And she wants it now.

If only their parents would be sensible. If only they would sell their large, rather grand but somewhat dilapidated house and hand over their inheritance.  But parents aren’t always as sensible as their children! Thank goodness! These parents have a history of failed schemes and extravagant purchases and are planning on blowing the lot.

I must admit to having read other Judy Astley books and particularly enjoyed Just for the Summer which is set in Cornwall and is about a family moving down to their second home for the summer holidays.

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