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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Philip Carter - Altar of bones

review by showhost 
 Mix of Indiana Jones and Davinci.  A conspiracy thriller,  600+ pages long but it ran out of steam.
Starts well enough, 1939 Siberia in a brutal prison camp and Lena Orlova escapes with her lover, she knows a safe place to hide.  A cave hidden behind a frozen waterfall in the frozen, bone chilling wilderness, where lies the legendary altar of bones. Lena is the keeper of the alter and must protect it.
Fast forward to present day and San Francisco where Zoe, Lena’s granddaughter, unwittingly becomes the next keeper after the murder of her grandmother.
Zoe soon finds herself fearing for her life as the assassins start the chase , backed by government agents and powerful business people.  They want the secret of youth behind the alter of bones.
Zoe is befriended by Ryan O’Malley whose father was part of the JFK assassination plot, a plot which was linked to the alter of bones (as well as Marilyn Munroe and Rasputin the Mad Monk).
So it’s lots of shoot em up & wild chase scenes and just a sprinkle of sex (the stuff all unbelievable, farfetched plots are made of ie James Bond, Indiana Jones).  The beginning drew me in and I had high hopes I thought I had found another Dan Brown (I loved the Davinci Code), but for me it started to lose steam and the plot about the fountain of youth unbelievable (roll my eyes and groan kind of unbelievable).  Yes, some of you out there will say, so was Dan Browns Davinci far fetched but I found that plot much more plausible to the point I googled things like the paintings mentioned in the book to have a look.  If you like escapism in the form of Indiana then give it a go (I did enjoy the Indiana films as I do the James Bond films but I didn’t want to read the books).  Who's pseudonym is Philip Carter I can't find out who this author really is?

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