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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Julian Stockwin - Pasha

review written by Brian Lowen and read live on the bookshow 10th dec 2015

This is book 15 in the series featuring the rise of Thomas Kydd from pressed seaman to captain Sir Thomas Kydd, Order of the Bath, all set in the glorious days of fighting sail during the Napoleonic wars.

The book sees the culmination of the careers of the two heroes in these books – one being Thomas Kydd and the other is Renzi – his great friend and personal secretary.

They have both returned from adventures in the Caribbean and Kydd is not sure how he will be received by the Admiralty but is pleasantly surprised to find that he is a national hero for exploits in Caracoa.  He is knighted and also given the Order of the Bath by King George III.

Renzi meanwhile fell in love with Kydd’s sister, Cecilia, way back in the earlier books but he has felt unable to propose marriage because he has no proper means of support needed for a wedded couple.  However, when he gets back he discovers that his novel has been published much to his surprise and his hated father, from whom he ran away to sea, has died and he is now Lord Farnham, head of a large estate.

After all this, the seagoing part of the story is set in Turkey, hence the title, and sailing through the treacherous Dardenelles.
It does look as if Kydd and Renzi have been finally split up but we learn this is not so as Renzi has been appointed an unofficial ambassador and also has travelled to Turkey to try and stop France taking over in Turkey and providing a gateway to the British Indian continent.  Turkey is an ally of Britain and Renzi’s job is to keep it that way.

This is a wonderful story and is especially heartfelt to those who have read previous books in this series.  Thoroughly recommended.  I look forward to seeing how the author will bring our two heroes together again in following stories.


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