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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Clare MackIntosh - I Let You Go

review by showhost March 2016
I loved this psychological thriller.  It floored me in the middle and I had to go back through the pages as I thought I'd seriously missed something.
It begins with a five year old boy being killed in a tragic hit and run. (This was a hard concept to read about with two young grandsons).  The story is then about the subsequent police enquiry and the mental anguish and  devastation of Jenna.  Unable to live with the grief she quietly, secretly, leaves one day to live in a remote Welsh village.  The police don't give up on their enquiries even though the driver is never found but it becomes a 'cold case' and a year after the tragedy they raise the profile again.
With a new witness coming forward they need to find the mother.  I can't go into too much detail without giving the plot away.
It's a slow build up, setting the mood and the scene for the rest of this riveting thriller, full of surprises and twists.
The police DI Ray Stevens and his CID team are completely believable, and I felt I was working the case with them! DI Stevens family were real.  Jenna was so believable and her story will bring you to tears.
This is my book of the month and of the year.

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