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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Tom Wood - Better Off Dead

Review by showhost march 2016
This is more of a Jason Bourne/Jack Reacher/James Bond type of crime thriller.  Fast & furious Shoot em up  with fight scenes that can last 5 pages.  Main character beaten, stomped on, kicked, broken ribs & ankle but can still escape on foot & beat up baddies.
Victor, the main protagonist, is an assassin, the best.  But he is hired by his ex-Russian crime boss to protect his step-daughter, Giselle,  from another assassination attempt.  Victor takes on the job, not because of his ex-boss who he would like to kill but for his bosses deceased wife, Giselles mother.  His ex-boss is also disliked by his step-daughter.
Giselle lives in London and works for a law firm where she is training to be a lawyer and it is because of her job she is being targeted.  So through the street of London they run, fight & hide to evade capture from the baddies some of whom are British Intelligence workers.  Victor & Giselle form an unlikely bond as she needs him to stay alive.  
What I didn’t understand is that the Russian boss got a life threatening letter, not his daughter, yet Giselle is the one they are after so why send him a threatening letter???  Don’t see the relevance of it.
So yes it was a fast paced chase but I felt I was watching a movie on paper.  I am in the minority on this book as I wouldn’t reach for another one.

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