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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Peter F Jemison - The Unspeakables

Review written and read live on the bookshow by Brian Lowen march 2016

I was laying on a sunbed at our hotel in Tenerife reading my Kindle when Mr Jemison introduced himself as a new author who had written three books now on Kindle and invited me to try them.

When I returned home I looked him up and ordered his first book.

This I was informed was a thriller full of all the usual ingredients but I found it rather tame.
The story did not grip me like those written by well known authors.

It featured a young couple, Aileen and Iain who are anti hunt protesters and Iain has set out on a series of late night visits to the local hunt members to give them a disturbed night and get them really worried. Things tend to escalate though when they are caught out one night and the Police are involved.

All the members of the local fox hunt are depicted as bad people and our heroes are of course good people fighting to save the foxes from being hunted. The story does involve some fisticuffs but I did not find it thrilling.

A good story as the first book of this new author, well written and easily read, but I will not be getting any more of his work.

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