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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Mark Edwards - Follow You Home

review written and read live on the show by Brian Lowen March 31st 2016
This is a well written thriller with a good, but complicated plot.
It contains scary characters and sinister situations.
Danial and Lara decide to go on a big trip before settling down and having a baby.
They set off on a backpacking trip around Europe and have a great time until they suffer a difficult experience on the night sleeper train in Romania. Whilst asleep their tickets, cash and passports are stolen.

The ticket inspector is not at all sympathetic to their plight and they get thrown off the train when it stops at a remote halt in the middle of a forest. A young Romanian girl they befriended on the train who tried to help by translating their problem is also thrown off the train because she got so annoyed with the train staff not accepting the problem that Daniel and Laura have.

They try to find some help in this bleak, rural country and come across an old dilapidated house in the forest and this is where their troubles start when they experience a horrifying situation.

The dramatic experience they suffer in Romania completely traumatises them and follows them all the way home to London. You do not learn what happened in Romania and you are kept in

suspense until the gruesome details finally emerge later in the book.
They find their lives completely changed as the past catches up with them at home.

This is a real scary book, certainly not for the faint hearted, but great fun if you enjoy this sort of thing.

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