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Monday, 15 August 2016

Gordon John Thomson - Time and Miss Whiplash

review written and read by Brian Lowen live on the bookshow 11th Aug 2016

(note from showhost: to those of you who are expecting a sado-masachist book you will be disappointed!)

Having just finished The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith, featuring a private detective with a strange name and an attractive assistant, I have now read this book which features a private detective with a strange name and an attractive assistant.

But there the similarity ends as Cormoran Strike was a hard up disabled ex-soldier whereas in this book we have Thomas Time who is quite well off in the private investigation business with his young, colourful assistant, Sam.

Thomas takes on a case of looking for the teenage daughter of Digby and Philippa Renfrew who has absconded from her private school in Dorset.

Thomas starts his investigation at this school where he meets the domineering headteacher Rachel Carstairs, who he nicknames Miss Whiplash.

His enquiries then lead him to some of London’s sleazy nightclubs and he gets himself involved with Joey Tully, a gangland boss and also some Russian oligarchs and ends up being pursued by both sets of criminals who are determined to kill him. 

This is a great story with plenty of action and several dead bodies but all rather in James Bond style and I preferred the more down to earth and believable detective Cormoran Strike.

This is quite a change from the previous book by GJT that I read which was also set in London, but in the sixteen hundreds.


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